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Vanilla Umbrella Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/2/17 --


VANILLA UMBRELLA dating app is yet another app amongst the rapidly growing list of apps for the ever-growing fetish minded community. Like its predecessors, Vanilla Umbrella creates a conducive atmosphere for singles as well as couples who are into kinky dating to interact with one another, fix dates and even find matches. Apps like Vanilla Umbrella have become very useful to those interested in BDSM dating, as the topic still remains a taboo topic in the mainstream.

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User Experience

“Can’t load the data weather at the moment. “Please tap and hold anywhere on the screen or tap the logo to go into the App” Bugs, bugs!! I scream to myself.

The prompt above is the very first impression Vanilla umbrella has on me, and you know what they say about first impressions yea. The prompt warns “CAREFUL!!! You must remember your pin, if you forget it, we will not be able to help you.”

There are two empty pin fields below the “Careful” prompt, one says to “create new pin” while the other says “confirm pin” which makes sense seeing that you are on your own if you forget your pin.

The black background used by vanilla umbrella is a very thoughtful one, as you can put aside the fears of frying your eyes while finding a kinky match. The app asks for a code which is supposedly sent to your e-mail when you register. And we are in.

One shocking thing though is the warning against uploading an erotic picture as your profile picture. It seems absurd to me seeing the whole essence of the app revolves largely around sexual encounters.

The radar feature which is supposed to display kinks around a set vicinity is showing me kinks in areas too far from the supposed radar range, plus the folks nearby all seem to be anything but nearby. A positive though is the pin security feature which prompts you for your pin every time your display goes off. This is an especially important feature given the number of under aged children running around my house, waiting for an opportunity to play mobile games with my android device.

1. Site and app design

The design of the VANILLA UMBRELLA dating app seems very well thought out. As I pointed out earlier, the black background makes my device easier to look at while navigating available vicinities for kinks. The navigation buttons are also very easy to use, with two drop drop-down buttons on both top corners of the screen.

2. Quality of content

The quality of content on Vanilla Umbrella as with most BSDM dating apps seems quite rich but lacks in quantity. This can be partly attributed to the not very popular subject of kinky dating. All in all, the quality of content is understandably above average. The pictures of most users seem too good to be true though, but that’s a story for another day.

Media Endorsement:

VANILLA UMBRELLA is an invite-only app to keep private, so there are no media reports on the Internet.


VANILLA UMBRELLA offers a rather expensive set of options when it comes to prices. A VIP membership for a period of 1-month costs $19.99, while VIP access for three months and six months costs $54.99 and $99.99 respectively. Other in-app purchases include 50 credits which go for $15.99, 100 credits for $23.99 and 200 credits for $32.99. What Vanilla Umbrella is trying to do here is simply to change the game face of fetish dating upgrades as its flexibility with the “credits” seems to project a lot more choices tailored to suit different users.

Price per Month
Total Price
6 Months
3 Months
1 Month

Popularity of VANILLA UMBRELLA App

Alexa rank: 4,428,963 (Global rank), 693,275 (U.S rank)
Official site: vanilla-umbrella.com
iOS reviews: 213 ratings and the average ranking is 4.3

Android reviews: 4256 reviews and the average ranking is 4.5

Best Feature on VANILLA UMBRELLA App

My best feature on the VANILLA UMBRELLA dating app is the security pin feature which requires a pin after screen timeout. This enables better privacy and restriction of unauthorized access to your kinky dating life even if your phone gets stolen.

Another feature worthy of mention is the flexibility in pricing. Although quite expensive when compared to most other BSDM dating apps, the ability to create a flexible payment structure seats very well with me.

The open chat feature is also quite interesting, thanks to this feature, users can chat with other online users without the mundane issue of payment before service. Don’t get me wrong though, you will pay eventually, but to a large extent, you can simply chat with anyone online whose pictures might have touched the kinky button in you.

Customer Service

You can always send an e-mail with your name and get a response within 24 hours. Unfortunately, VANILLA UMBRELLA does not provide 24/7 customer service. You can contact the through this link: https://vanilla-umbrella.com/contact.html.

Privacy & Security

The VANILLA UMBRELLA Security cannot be underestimated. Seeing that kinky business is risky business in some parts of the world, the pin feature is arguably the only thing that makes Vanilla umbrella stand out. With regards to security and privacy, Vanilla Umbrella has a 10 from me.

It is a very Private and Secure dating & social app. Open minded couples or singles have to join based on invitation only (It’s pin settings will provide your privacy as well).


1, What’s the membership of Vanilla Umbrella App?

1-Month plan: $19.99
3-month plan: $54.99
6-month plan: $99.99

2, How to remove my profile?

Simply click on “Settings”, icon on the top right corner of the app, scroll to the end of the lists, there you will see “delete account”, hit this tab and your account is deleted. If you choose to delete, you cannot use your account in future.

3, How to contact Customer Support?

You can go to “Settings” page and hit the “feedback” icon and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Download Vanilla Umbrella on Apple Store » Download Vanilla Umbrella on Google Play »