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Feeld Review in 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/3/17 --

What is Feeld App?

FEELD dating app is an adult dating app for the fetish, and kinky dating lifestyle enthusiasts. The app which began in a tiny bedroom in 2014 has turned out to become one of the most downloaded fetish dating apps of recent times. With enticing new features, it is safe to say that Feeld app makes room for all open-minded couples and singles alike. It has become a companion for everyone.

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User Experience

There is a finesse that exists in the Feeld dating app, almost as soon as you open the app. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you get into a Mercedes for the first time. Mum did tell us that all that glitters isn’t gold. So, baby steps, baby steps.

Feeld has taken a different approach towards registration to solve the incessant issues of bots and fake user accounts associated with most BSDM apps. Feeld requires a Facebook signup from every potential user of the app, with promises it doesn’t mess with your information. So you need not worry about your presence in the kinky community being broadcast among friends and family on Facebook. Actually, now I feel you should be scared…lol. If you are not, ask Joe Barton.

Before using this app, I didn’t know there were so many sexual orientations for real. Straight, Skoliosexual, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, Polysexual, Queer, Androgynnosexual, Androsexual, Asexual, Autosexual, Demisexual, Gray-A, Gynosexual, Heteroflexible, Homoflexible, Objectumsexual, Omnisexual. With so many options, I am beginning to doubt my sexual orientation. Lol.

After selecting your kinky preferences, comes the gallery with a warning “No nudity please, Society is not ready for your beautiful body”…lol.

The app is so well designed. It looks really sublime, and makes you feel you are about to have kink encounters with mermaids for real.

I haven’t been here for long, and I see two females I like. I press the plus button which signifies a “like” in the social media community, the prompt says “You are about to like this human. If they feel the same, you will be able to start a conversation.”

A feature I really like on Feeld is the warning when you view the profile of a kinkster who has an empty profile “Empty profiles are not a good sign. Always be careful if you connect with this person.”This warning gives quite an assurance to users of an app which ordinarily would look to simply amass users without due verification.

On the technical front, the app is very stable, and provides easy navigation. So far, the only bug I’ve noticed occurs when trying to log in with your Facebook accountdetails; your internet connection goes off, the app goes berserk, trying forcibly to authenticate and halts your ability to us your device. The only remedy I found for this is the home button on my android device.

1. Site Design

In my opinion, Feeld dating app for kinks has the most stable app in the BSDM market. The app just feels solid, well thought out, and not some hastily built school project of some wannabe developers. Now add the humorous warnings put in place by the developers and you have yourself a win. The humor makes the app even more endearing. The colour scheme selected for this app does justice to the graphic user interface.

2. Quality of content

Let’s just say that quality of content is not Feeld’s best attribute. Well maybe in the areas of Singles. The couples section seems to have quite a mind of its own, making one wonder just how many couples actually want breaks like this.

Media Endorsement:

FEELD app has been endorsed by Dailymail, Thesun, and Nymag etc.

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Prices of Feeld

FEELDdating app offers a premium package called “Majestic membership”. You can pay for Majestic kinky encounters for a month or for a period of three months. In comparison to other BDSM dating apps around, Feeld is quite an expensive app, and understandably so, I feel it has the quality to be this exorbitant.

Price per Month
Total Price
1 Months
3 Months

Popularity of Feeld App

Alexa rank: 511,151 (Global rank).163,318 (U.S rank)
Official site: feeld.co
iOS reviews: 3,211 reviews and the average ranking is 3.2

Android reviews: 4,252 reviews and the average ranking is 3.5

Best Feature on Feeld App

1. There are quite a lot of features which make Feeld an app many would want. In my books, nothing beats an app that looks out for a brother. Feeld app is arguably the first app for fetish enthusiasts to warn users about other users who Feeld feels may not be genuinely on the app for dating purposes.It also provides many privacy settings. For example, you can hide yourself from Friends or Discover. You can also set up a passcode to lock the app.

2. Another really nice feature from Feeld is the streamlined login process which requires a valid Facebook login. While some might argue that privacy is being lost here, Feeld replies by reassuring users about the privacy of their fetish lifestyles. This feature goes a step further to ensure the absence of bots on the platform.

Customer Service

FEELD does not provide 24/7 customer service, you can reach them via the chat box support feature on your app.Just click on the avatar on the top and hit “Help” section, then “Contact support”.

Privacy & Security

The security of the app leaves much to be desired as your Facebook login details are all the information required to cause damage. It is therefore advised that you lock your phone to avoid unauthorized access.

The privacy of the app seems to play the good card. Feeld keeps its word and doesn’t let your friends and family know your fetish kinky activities.

FAQs on KinkD App:

1. What’s the membership of Feeld App?

1-Month plan: $15.99
3-month plan: $31.98

2. How to remove my profile?

Click on the “Menu” icon on the top right corner of your screen, next scroll right to the “user” icon in the left top corner. Select “App settings” and click “terminate”. You can also decide to click “Deactivate” if you intend joining in the future.

3. How to contact Customer Support?

Visit the “Settings” tab following the aforementioned steps, and click on “Help”. Select support and a chat box come up for easy interaction with the Feeld team.

4. Why did 3nder change the name to Feeld?

Tinder filed a lawsuit complaint to 3nder because 3nder sounds very similar to Tinder. To avoid a lawsuit, the company changed the name to Feeld.

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