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SDC Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/2/17 --

What is SDC App?

SDC also called Swingers Date Club is a veteran in the kinky, fetish, swinger encounter industry. The app not only gives rise to interactions with folks of same interest, it also organizes parties in line with its rules of Swingdom. I mean an app that organizes parties? With all that sex waiting around to be engaged in. A friend insisted that I’ll get laid in the first SDC event I attended, and I obliged, the rest they say is history.

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User Experience

SDC dating app can be called an ancestor among other apps in the BSDM dating spheres. Thus, a certain aged feeling when navigating the site. Who says nothing good comes old?? Lol There are some really pretty women on SDC but as is always an issue with most BSDM apps, they are very sparsely distributed. Ordinarily, I would make a cliché excuse of the societal acceptance status of fetish dating as the first-hand reason for this predicament. But SDC as pointed out earlier is an ancestor in this regard and should at least pull its weight around in Kinky spheres.

While messaging on SDC is next to unnecessary, the other features seem to make up at least to an extent for the many accounts with cockroaches doing all the housekeeping in the said accounts.

1. Site design

SDC has a very decent app which can be downloaded at the Apple App Store or on Google Play store for Android users. The colour themes used, breathe of fetish, kinky encounters. And rightly so. SDC app has the appeal to capture the attention of just about anyone. The planning put into the creation of the app must have been intricately detailed.

2. Quality of content

As rightly pointed out earlier, Swingers Date Club must be held responsible for their inability to hold down users. Being one of the oldest players in the game, the quantity of quality is so sparsely distributed, you’d think this was the Sahara. Don’t get me wrong though. There are some really hot individuals on the Fetish side of SDC but what good is quality when it barely goes around?

Media Endorsement:

SDC app has been endorsed by Vice, YourTango, Bustle etc.

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Prices of SDC

The price of membership in this kinky affair is unreasonably expensive given its successes are those from the days of old. While Standard pricing seats at a whopping $29.95. You may pay for 3 months and save a little seeing that your monthly fee reduces to $19.98 a month. Other payment options include $79.99 for a period of six months, and $119.99 for 12 months. SDC also gives a free trial, so you can taste the goodies of being a paid member before being thrown back out, into the abyss of brokenness…lol

Price per Month
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Popularity of KinkD App

Official site: sdc.com
Alexa rank: Global rank: 40,220, U.S rank: 14,922
iOS reviews: 439 ratings and the average ranking is 4.6

Android reviews: 377 reviews and the average ranking is 4.2

Best Feature on SDC App

1. My personal best feature on SDC would be the chatrooms. For some funny reason, I like the idea of working my way through a kinky experience like I would in everyday life. Having to see everyone interact in the chatroom and then picking your partner from their online contributions within the chat group gives a certain unexplainable level of satisfaction.

2. Another feature which I feel indifferent about but which seems to be a hit among Swingers, is the party location feature. For the extroverts among us, nothing could be sweeter than having an app which gives a geographical description of an ongoing party.

3. The “new member” feature is also quite a catch among SDC users. If you’re ever tired of seeing old faces, you can simply use this feature to browse through new member profiles only. You can even go a step further to filter your results by gender, sexual orientation, etc.

Customer Service

SDC provides a friendly customer service. They arguably have one of the best customer services in the BDSM community.SDC are always available at every event they put together, to entertain questions and queries as well as make sure all events run smoothly. You can contact SDC by sending a mail to the address: helpdesk@sdc.com.

Privacy & Security

The SDC Security and privacy features fall within the category of Apps with “Ok” features. Apart from the additional layer of Privacy given by the developers of SDC’s fetish app, every other feature remains modest at best.

FAQs on KinkD App:

1. What’s the membership of SDC App?

1-Month plan: $22.99
3-month plan: $49.99
6-month plan: $79.99
12-month plan: $119.99

2. How to remove my profile?

Simply click on “Account Settings,” scroll to the last option. Select the “Delete Account” button. Click yes on the prompt that follows, and you would have successfully removed your account.

3. How to contact Customer Support?

You can go to “Settings” page and hit the “Support” icon which opens a dialogue box for your E-mail application. Type in your message and hit send and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

Download SDC on Apple Store » Download SDC on Google Play »