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Recon Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/2/17 --

What is Recon App?

Recon app is the world’s biggest dating app yet, exclusively for the gay men involved in fetish dating. Recon app doubles as an online profile database accessible on recon.com, the website for the app. Recon is an app with great and unique features, it is therefore no wonder that some have themed it the best channel to meet like-minded men seeking to fulfill their fetish desires.

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User Experience

When I opened the Recon dating app for the first time on my PC, it very easily caught me with the color choices of black and a darker shade of red. However, the registration felt like I was signing myself up for adoption. The number of fields I had to fill in under the location tab alone was revealing to say the least. I can’t sincerely understand why Recon needs this much information to send a verification e-mail to the address provided.

Next comes the welcome message from the Recon dating app customer support and all the other niceties folks tell you when they are about to make money off you.

A point noteworthy though is the strict policy of the Recon dating app on the type of pictures used as display pictures. I got kicked out minutes after I registered thanks to a lame photo of a celebrity I uploaded with inspirational quotes on it.

This BSDM app for the gay community is generally quite a progressive app, as the graphic user interface was created with the user in mind. Once you log on as a new user, you will be able to view lots of very gay, and kinky men waiting to tame or be tamed by your submissive or dominant fantasies as the case may be.

N.B: The GPS feature saps battery life like water on a cold Harmattan morning.

1, Site design

The design of the Recon dating app is actually very impressive, from the chosen color theme representation of gay and kinky encounters to the very user-friendly interface on a mobile device. There are most definitely a lot of positives in this regard.

2, Quality of content

Surprisingly, Recon dating app scores another huge point here. When I opened the app for the first time, I saw so many ready kinks that I concluded they were bots. But after clicking randomly and chatting away with some of the participants, I came to the conclusion that recon was arguably one of the best of its kind. Recon obviously has so much to offer even on the standard list (available to non-premium users). It is definitely the app for any gay, kinky males looking to find a match.

Media Endorsement:

Recon app has been endorsed by ABC, Dailydot, Thegayuk, Getechfeed etc.

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Prices on Recon

Recon offers a premium membership and as expected, those who pay tend to get all the juice. Not that you won’t get some of the action if you don’t desire premium membership but it is called premium for a reason.

Some of the perks of a premium membership include having access to all public galleries of other members, an unlimited number of profile views, advanced filtering options and my personal best, no banner ads while surfing the app.

There are so many options for Premium membership on this dating app for the kinks.

Price per Month
Total Price
1 Months
3 Months
6 Month
1 Year

Popularity of Recon App

Alexa rank: 24,042 (Global rank), 16,462 (US rank)
Official site: recon.com
iOS reviews: 126 reviews and the average ranking is 2.6

Android reviews: The app is unavailable on Google Play store.

Best Feature on Recon app

The feature I love the most about the Recon dating app is Recon’s Home feed feature which provides users with real-time information on the world of gay fetish dating. It works quite like the Facebook timeline only this is about updates on the gay kinky society.

Another quite interesting feature is the feature which enables you to check who visited your profile. I like this feature because I enjoy inflating my already inflated ego, and I know many of you are just like me.

The Event feature is very unique. You can browse the latest events and see who would like to join. It is a wonderful feature which can help you find someone with the same fantasies.

Customer Service

You can send a message to Recon’s customer support with your e-mail and name and get a response within 24-48 hours. The e-mail address is https://support.recon.com

You can also tap “Help” on the app to submit a request directly. Unfortunately, Recon doesn’t provide timely customer support because almost all possible questions and answers can be found on its help page https://support.recon.com.

Privacy & Security:

The Security and privacy features in Recon are generally ok, i.e they do quite a good job keeping out unauthorized access, but that’s where it stops. No extra layers of privacy and security.

FAQs on Recon app:

1, What’s the membership of Recon App?

1-month plan: $12.99
3-month plan: $29.99
6-month plan: $49.99
1-year plan: $89.99

2, How to remove my profile?

If you wish to delete or hide your profile, you have to visit the desktop website to do so. Just navigate to the top right-hand menu, click 'Account Settings' and then check 'Delete My Account'.

3, How to contact Customer Support?

You can go to the “Settings” page and click customer support, send your inquiry and you will get a reply within 24-48 hours.

Download Recon on Apple Store » Download Recon on Google Play »