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Whiplr Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 11/7/17 --

What is Whiplr?

Whiplr dating app is yet another kinky dating app for the increasingly growing trend of fetish dating among the populace. This kinky dating app creates a conducive environment for folks interested in bondage activities to find other mates just as easily. In plain English, Whiplr is an antenna worn by most fetish daters, sending radio signals to others for a need to connect… My bad, I think that was physics, or Engineering, well at least you do get the fundamental idea of the app. The question now remains if Whiplr dating app satisfies the BDSM community as it should. Kindly read on to see if that question is answered.

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User Experience

The app is pretty much straightforward, thanks to a graphical user interface (GUI) which actually does what it is supposed to do. As many as the positives seem to be so far, there is a certain level of clumsiness with regards the auto responders. I just got a warning that my profile was being manually edited thanks to my profane upload. Hehehe…. Now I’m not going to deny being a little profane, but I swear it by the seven gods, I didn’t upload any material suggesting profanity, at least not yet.

Only 10 kinks??? What??? Why??? No one likes to be regulated but I sincerely understand why Whiplr dating app has decided to regulate the number of kinks available to me. Wait…. I still don’t.

Finally, I am done with the travails of registration. Now I get ready for the good stuff. The app generates profiles of people closer to you except for those with “Elite” profiles who obviously show up in any location, on any device basically increasing their opportunity for a kinky meetup.

A hot lady says hello and in my mind, I say “No, she has to be a bot, it can’t be” but she isn’t a bot as our conversation continues in the most appealing of manners, almost like a fairy tale in a story book…well no one writes stuff like this in story books, so kindly un-see that please. But she got me thinking about jumping ship and becoming a full-time kink seriously.

1, App design

The design of the Whiplr dating app is quite impressive, it is difficult to notice this because of the difficulty in typing thanks to the absence of the autocorrect feature as well as the crashing capability of the app when run on low performance devices.

2, Quality of content

Now to quality of content. There is no doubt content here that the Whiplr dating app couldn’t be better. Or could I be biased in my judgement seeing that I encountered a really hot lady shortly after my first kink experience with Whiplr dating app? Nope…. The content is superb… wait let’s be sure ***scrolls down, scrolls again, scrolls some more**** Ahhhh!! There are even married ladies whose partners aren’t into fetish dating looking for a little action. The app has my vote for quality of content.

3, Profile quality

The news keeps getting better. So many hot ladies, and no fake profiles? It couldn’t get any better than this. At least all profiles I have interacted with seem to be real, no bots, just very real profiles waiting on their kinks to spot their frequencies and connect.

Media Endorsement:

Whiplr app has been endorsed by Mirror, Daily Mail, Huffpost, People Magazine, Forbes and more.

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Prices of Whiplr

Whiplr offers a number of packages one of which is called Dekadom which will cost you $19.99 to $99.99. This obviously has advantages over the free membership.The obvious perks being unlimited voice and video chat and no restrictions on the number of chats you may start up in one day. In my opinion, this is a little more expensive than the other kink apps I have seen, but I haven’t seen the video chat feature in too many of those kinky dating apps either, hence I think this is fair game. Visit Whiplrwebsite for more price options.

You can buy points to send gifts and icebreakers:

Price per point
Total points

You can also buy the Dekadom membership with more services. It has one membership only at $19.95 per month.

Popularity of Whiplr App

Official site: whiplr.com
User database: 800,000
It's alexa rank: 1,005,683 (Global rank), 370,353 (U.S rank)

Android reviews: 143Average ranking: 2.8

Best Feature on Whiplr App

The feature I love the most is the “Video chat” feature on Whiplr. It creates a special kind of interaction which I find difficult to put into words at this time. You get to know these kinks on a whole new level. Plus, the fact that they allow you see them is a type of privilege which makes it all the more sacred.

The group feature is yet another interesting feature. Many options exist in this category, some public, while others are private. You can apply to join the public groups only.

Customer Service

Unfortunately, Whiplr does not provide 24/7 customer service. You can get a quick answer from “HELP” page. It lists all kinds of questions and answers there. If you still do not find an answer, you can reach them by email at http://whiplr.com/Home/Contact, or “Get in tough” page on app.

Privacy & Security

On Whiplr, private pictures can be shown to a selected party only at the user’s discretion. Other factors include Whiplr secure login which ensures that users don’t have to worry about the app linking to their very public Facebook pages or sharing their private data. Users can also control the messages and videos shared with other users by deleting them altogether from both their own devices as well from the Whiplr users.

FAQs on Whiplr App:

1. How do I become one of the whiplr elite?

Whiplr Elites are BDSM life style and fetish world trendsetters and connoisseurs.Simply download the latest version of Whiplr for iOS or Android, create your profile and finally get in touch with Whiplr through the app or by email at elites@whiplr.com

2. How to remove Whiplr account?

Tap on “Settings” in the main menu, then hit “Account” and then “Delete profile”.

3. What is Dekadom membership?

With $19.95 per month, Whiplr membership allows you to enjoy more services. For example, unlimited messages, unlimited blocking, send voice and video messages, make voice and video calls, get access to other’s private photos, as well as keep notes on other users.

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