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Kinky Fetish Dating Guide & Tips In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/7/17 --

Starting out in kinky dating

So, you’ve ventured into the kink/BDSM world and you are ready for your first intimate encounter. But as the world of fetish, kink and BDSM is different from what you are used to, perhaps that also applies to the dating game? You might think that kinky dating is a lot different from the vanilla dating game, but in essence, it really isn't. Having said that, you first need to decide what the goal is of your actual date. Are you looking for a kinky partner in crime, that will spend a part of their life with you, or are you just looking for a playdate, which can or cannot include having sex?

Meeting your first kinkster

Although like in vanilla life you might run into someone at a party or festival and hit it off, that would entail that you are already deeply immersed in your local kink scene.

If however, you are just starting out, it would be nice to first make sure that the people you find eligible for a date are actually first of all also into kink, and secondly preferably into the same kinks that you are.

Time for a munch

A great way to start out for that is finding yourself your first ever kinky munch. A munch is a specific BDSM/kink term for a meeting at a bar with like-minded people, this means these people are also into BDSM and are also out to meet new people. These munches are often held in a public place like a bar and are very casual.

So no need to dress up in your finest leather, it's probably best if you don't anyway because other people in the bar might not be kinky at all. There are usually a few people organizing the munch, if you are going to a munch it is good to let them know you are coming and ask if you can be introduced, most munch organizers will be happy to do so. The thing to keep in mind while at a munch is that, you are there to meet new people socially, not to play, as you are in a public space. Also, predatory approaches are frowned upon, take your time and meet new people, your first actual playdate will come soon enough.

An actual date

Now that you've spoken to new people and people know you and your face, you might have actually met someone you have hit it of with. Perhaps you've even exchanged phone numbers or profile information and you have been keeping in contact. This would normally lead up to your first date in the dynamic you would both enjoy. Try meeting up at a bar and make sure you discuss limits, do's and don'ts and make sure you guys are still going for the same thing.

Time to play

If so, time for your second date, which will probably a playdate, your personalities match up, let's see if you match in a play scene. Depending on both your preference you might meet up in a hotel room or a venue specifically made for BDSM play. If you are going to a hotel room, be mindful of the noise you make. If you got to a BDSM dungeon, make sure you know the rules there, but basically, go for it.

If you are new, and your partner is more experienced, make sure they know this, they are usually willing to help out and you can learn a lot from playing with an experienced person, even if this person is submissive, and you are not. And of course while playing make sure you communicate.

So get dating

You now know that it might take some time, but you are ready for some actually kinky dating. Meet people, experience a lot of fun and awesome things. Communication, like always is key to a fun date, but you will surely enjoy yourself.