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An introduction to sexual fetish

-- Last updated date: 11/7/17 --

A sexual fetish or just “fetish” in short is defined as “a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, an item of clothing, part of the body, etc”. This is, of course, a rather clinical definition as to fetishists it has so much more meaning and depth than just a simple desire.

Someone who identifies themselves as a fetishist will probably tell you that it is not so much as just a sexual gratification, for most it is a deep and intense experience within their fetish focused desire.

Fetishes come in all shapes and sizes, some people have a fetish for a particular kind of fabric, for example, leather or latex rubber. Others have a fetish for male or female feet, and well the list is actually endless. If you are sexually aroused by a specific object, body-part or (sexual) interaction, chances are you yourself have a fetish.

You and your sexual fetish

For people discovering this for the first time, this might be disconcerting, having discovered that your partner wearing for example fishnet stockings arouses you beyond anything you have ever experienced before can be fun.

If however, you find that the bare and sometimes smelly feet of a man or woman arouse you to that same extent, you might feel that your tastes in this are a bit strange, and so you might think that others will find you odd and would like to distance themselves from you.

As no-one can be expected to share your fetish, this might actually occur. However, the first thing you need to know is that you are in fact not alone in the world. Whether they like it or not, all people in the world have fetishes, but not everyone is open about it. But those that are can be found, now more so, as the internet has made finding likeminded people so much easier.

The fetish scene

The fetish scene is an integral part of the kink and BDSM world. Which is filled with people who, like you, share a desire for a particular fetish. The kink and BDSM scene is actually usually thought of as consisting mostly of people with a fetish for leather. Mostly because it is easily accessible by the media and leather clothing is very easily accessible, as it is thought of as a luxury item in the mainstream or "vanilla" world. But in fact, the leather scene is just a small part of the fetish scene as there are an unlimited amount of other fetishes to be explored and partaken in.

Well known fetishes

As mentioned earlier, the leather and in fact latex rubber fetishes are well known. Other fetishes that are sometimes featured in mainstream media are the adoration of feet and sometimes medical play, where the participants are aroused by being a patient and being internally or externally examined, or even by being the doctor and performing the exams on their so-called patients.

Fetishes you might not know

But did you know there are people who get aroused by plaid? Or by spandex, a fabric often used in sports clothing as it stretches and is formfitting? Or even that there are women aroused by balding men?

If you didn't you might just conclude that the thing you have a craving or a sexual desire for can and will be shared by other people.

In conclusion

Now that you are aware of what a sexual fetish is, and that they are shared by many people, you can venture out into the (online) world and find people to talk and share your fetish with. Good luck to you, as you are about to expand your sexuality a great deal!