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Knki Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/2/17 --

What is Knki App?

Knki dating app is an adult dating app for the fetish dating enthusiasts. This kinky dating app was created by BDSM lifestylers to satisfy the very rare and occasionally taboo needs of the kinky society. What Knki gives us is simply an opportunity to have and create the much needed interaction within the kinky society without the fear of being kicked out as a result of uncommon sexual desires. It’s therefore safe to say that Knki may well be the Instagram for kinks.

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User Experience

Knki dating app is so easy to use, and I like to believe that this is what makes it standout. Basically, Users scroll down a page riddled with public photos. While scrolling, you can tap on the photo of anyone there to view their information right ahead. Cliché yea? The information you may or may not get depends on the owners discretion and it is frankly enough to know what their shoe sizes are Popularity!!.

You can view their distance from you, which is very important seeing that one does not want to travel all the way to the center of the Earth for a kinky dating experience. You can also view when they were last online, their ethnicity, role, sought role, age, preferred age range, gender, height, and body type.

Just as the case is on Instagram, you can decide to follow this person provided their information and pictures have satisfied your imaginations of your dream kinky encounter.

Other things you can do include, unlocking your private photos for them to see, you can send shout-outs and messages, and yes, there is always a place for a snitch or two; you can also block and report people O thou Judases of the Earth. And you can of course see those who have viewed your profile and feed your ever-hungry ego.

1. Site design

The design of the Knki dating app could use some work really, personally, the purple is a straight turn off of whatever potential kinky scenarios I have in my head, but then that is just my opinion. I liked the idea of seeing pictures before heading into all that accompanying literature though, I believe this makes the site more appealing to a really large extent.

2. Quality of content

I feel a lot more work could be done here. The closest kink to my location is 203 miles away. I quite frankly cannot tell if there are no users of the Knki app around my immediate vicinity or there is a bug in the algorithm churning out these results. As for the petite, submissive babe from 203 miles, she could make me travel the whole 203 miles on a certain day. Yes, she is that good. There is definitely quality of content on Knki, but the quality is very sparsely distributed.

Media Endorsement:

Knki app has been endorsed byVice, YourTango, Bustle etc.

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Prices of Knki

Knki doesn’t offer packages like most of the kinky dating apps out there. Instead of packages, you can decide to be a Knki supporter or remain a regular Knki user. There are obvious benefits of being a supporter, one of which is enhanced communication as well as better browsing which entails, no ads, no blocking limits, bigger Inbox, and above all, “your donation will help keep the Knki app free for the entire BSDM community”

I must admit, I like the angle Knki has taken with regards to package plans.

Price per Month
Total Price
1 Months
Total (12 months)

Popularity of Knki App

Official site: knkiapp.com
Alexa rank: 5,642,429 (Global rank).
iOS reviews: 25 reviews and the average ranking is 2.3 (This app has not received enough reviews for a rating)

Android reviews: 745 reviews and the average ranking is 3.9

Best Feature on Knki App

The feature I love the most on the Knki dating app is the ease of networking and availability of photos of people you follow. Just like Instagram, there are just tons of hot creatures you continue to look at until your eyes become sore.

Customer Service

Knki does not provide 24/7 customer service, however, you can send a message with your e-mail and name and get a response within 24 hours.The e-mail address is http://Knkiapp.com/Contact.

Privacy & Security

The Knki Security like leather, leaves no stones unturned in the area of security and privacy. Once you leave the app, you will have to input your password to gain access. Some in-app privacy measures include the all familiar unlocking of private photos for another user to have a peek only at the discretion of the owner of the account.

FAQs on Knki App:

1. How do I contact the Knki support?

Kindly visit their website at http://www.knkiapp.com/contact.html

2. How to delete my Knki account?

Log into your Knki account, click the settings tab, scroll down to the last tab “Delete Account” click, and a prompt comes up asking if you are sure you want to delete your account. “Your account was deleted successfully” is the prompt that follows after you click yes.

What is Knki membership?

Knki has just one type of membership which is the Premium membership. It gives you the title of “Knki supporter” and the little added benefits associated with the title. You can choose either $9.99 per month or $89.99 for 1-year package.

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