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KinkD Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 12/2/17 --

What is KinkD?

KinkD dating app is all about building a platform where folks with fringe fetish lifestyles, can meet up with others and live out their most cherished fetish fantasies.

A lot has been said with regards to the question of the need for such an app. It is now known that quite a large number of our population possess these fetish fantasies which would have been otherwise taboo subjects only a couple of years back. KinkD not only brings forth an opportunity for fetish individuals to indulge themselves, it also to large extents brings the taboo topic of fetish dating to the most fundamental level, stripping off the taboo traits associated with fetish dating, BDSM dating and kinky dating.

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User Experience

I took the liberty of going through the app on a newcomer basis so that you might have a concise idea of what the app KinkD is all about.

On the signup page, there is an option to select your sexual characteristics. This is obviously a lot different from the double-optioned drop down most of us are used to. The options on KinkD are Man, Woman, Couple, TS/TV/TGs and Other. “Seeking A?” is the next question the app displays with the aforementioned options.

Finally, it requests the age range of your target demographic as an additional criterion for a smooth sail through these unchartered waters of dating. And it goes on and on displaying prompts for “a” date of birth, height and location.

Other details include E-mail, Username, Password, and agreeing to terms and conditions which no one ever reads and……ohh wait a minute, my username must be up to 6 characters. I really liked the username “Zuma” so I decide on Zumarr. Now I have to select a pic from the days when I used to work out.

Next show some headline. “show some personality by a clever headline to attract more attention” it says. “An about you” column (this is beginning to fill like a written interview) Set a pattern for your privacy. Next, I see this gorgeous pink haired babe with rebel written all over her face ready for fetish dating.I say to myself, time for business.

1, Site Speed

On the operational stability and user-friendliness of the fetish dating app KinkD, I will give a 97 % score as it performed seamlessly on some of the lowest mobiles on the chain with regards to performance. According to the pagespeed insights of google, the official site of KinkD has 94 scores in terms of site speed. It runs very fast on mobile devices.

2, Site Design

The design of KinkD dating app is very fashionable, for the geeks in the house, html 5 was used to generate such a pleasurable kinky experience.

3, Quality of Content

Now to the content. After all what good is a big head if it has no content in it? While the ladies I have seen from the Californian point of view seem like they were handpicked relatives of Jessica Alba, there is the underlying issue of users covering their faces on pictures that are supposed to give the closest possible representations of themselves. In this regard, KinkD claims that its users may hide pictures which they will release only to other users based singly on their discretion.

KinkD dating app which launched quite recently has managed to grow exponentially thanks to the never-ending explorations of man in all aspects.

The generally known kinks available on most BDSM dating sites are the Submissive and Dominant roles but believe me when I say “it gets weirder”

4, Profile quality

And yes, here is another touchdown for the KinkD dating app. KinkD is arguably the only fetish dating website out there with the least number of bots…OK, I meant fake profiles for the not so tech-savvy. All profiles are carefully cross-checked and dealt immediate feedback.

Media Endorsement:

KinkD app has been endorsed by Metro, vice.com, lesoir, ekstrabladet, huffingtonpost, cosmopolitan, yourtango, mynewslaand some other medias.

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Prices of KinkD

“Gold members have a much greater chance of finding serious minded singles nearby” it says.I must confess though, it’s not as expensive as I would have imagined. At $10 for six months premium access which entails unlimited messages, ability to see who viewed your profile, browse profiles anonymously, get the top spots in search results and also get to see who is interested in you. In my books, it is a fair bargain. One of the fairest I must confess. Other payment plans are $12 for a 3-month period of premium access and $15 for a month’s worth of premium goodies from the kinky dating bag.

Price per Month
Total Price
6 Months
3 Months
1 Month

Popularity of KinkD App

Alexa rank: 3,457,928
Official site: kinkdapp.com
App members: 450,000+
iOS reviews: 789 reviews and the average ranking is 4.3

Android reviews: 225 reviews, and the average ranking is 2.9

According to Appannie, the iOS download ranking in the U.S Social Networking is 265.

Best Feature on KinkD App

The feature I love the most is the “Moment” feature on KinkD which keeps users engaged like a live feed where different user posts can be scrolled through with an option to like, comment or view their profiles and maybe chat if I like the graphical representations of themselves put forth before thee.

Customer Service

According to the statement on KinkD, their CS staff check each profile manually to ensure that scammers, low quality or fake profiles are sniffed out so as to provide an excellent online BSDM dating community.

Also, they are trying to provide users with 24/7 customer service so you can get a fast reply after submitting questions.

If you want to contact them, it’s easy to reach them on pc page, or by email at support@kinkd.club, or contact page on the app.

Privacy & Security

KinkD’s office site uses SSL feature to provide optimum online safety. Also, there are some top-notch privacy settings on user profiles, for example, hide profile, show to favorites only, show private photos to selected users and pattern lock feature.

You can find these features on the “Privacy” page under the “Settings” area after opening your own profile page.

FAQs on KinkD App:

1, What’s the membership of KinkD App?

1-Month plan: $14.99
3-month plan: $35.99
6-month plan: $54.99

2, How to remove my profile?

Simply click on “Settings”, hit “Privacy”, navigate to “Account change”. You can choose to put your account on hold and return back later. After holding, your profile is available but cannot be viewed or contacted by others.

If you choose to delete, you cannot use your account in future.

3, How to contact Customer Support?

You can go to “Settings” page and hit the “feedback” icon and you will get a reply within 24 hours.

4, What can I do if I do not want to show profile/photo publicly?

You can add photos to your private album and show them to selected members only…Or show profile to favorite members only. All these can be done on the Settings page.

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