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Fetl Review In 2018

-- Last updated date: 3/23/18 --

What is FetL?

FETL dating app as the name implies is an adult app created for the BDSM and Fetish community. Many thanks to 50 shades of gray and the likes, Kinky encounters have seen a sharp rise in the seemingly ever-increasing number of BDSM enthusiasts. FetL dating app helps in this regard, aiding meets and kinky sessions with kinks all over the world.

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User Experience

FETL dating app is one of the newest additions to the inventory of BDSM enthusiasts worldwide, giving even more options to the ever-growing BDSM army.

FETL dating app can be likened to a type of tinder created specifically for kinks. That being said, the app possesses quite a number of similarities with Tinder. From the swipes and location / interest finders, the only noticeable difference if the use of FETL dating app within BDSM spheres.

One thing that makes FETL app stand out is the fact that it is a completely free app. No in app purchases, no premium membership fees, just pure, raw freedom. And we all know just how much we love our freedom, especially from financial commitments.

As a result of the free nature of the app, there are so many kinks ready to match your kinky needs, and they are almost always around your vicinity.

All in all, the FETL is a progressive app, it is safe to say that it is a step in the right direction.

1. App design

The design of the FETL dating app makes use of enticing themes to lure kinky folk into the fray. I applaud the engineers at FetL, for the ingenuity clearly visible on the app. The only issue encountered throughout the use of this app was a minor bug which managed to impede my ability to search for kinks within my environment. The app crashed whenever I selected the vicinity within 5 miles of my location, but this seemed to fix itself somehow, as I no longer experience this issue anymore.

2. Quality of content

FetL is one of the numerous BDSM apps which provides above average quality in services and customer care. The ratio of heterosexuals, bisexuals, and other sexual orientations seems to be almost at par with each other, ensuring an excellent user experience thanks to the multitude of choices and orientations available on the app.

Media Endorsement:

FETL app has been endorsed by Yahoo, Ocweekly, Businessinsider, AJC, Askmen and TES etc.

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Prices of FetL

FETL is completely free, yes you heard that right. FETL despite the unrivalled functionality of the app, FETL is completely free. To large extents, I feel this is what has endeared many BDSM enthusiasts to FETL.

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Popularity of FetL App

Official site: FetLapp.com
Alexa rank: 8,887,959 (Global rank).
iOS reviews: 188 reviews and the average score is 4.8

Android reviews: (There is no android version of the app available on the google app store)

Best Feature on FetL App

1. My best feature on FetL is the Swipe feature, similar to the encounter feature on badoo and other dating apps. This feature basically keeps you hooked by allowing you the pleasure of swiping either left or right to through numerous profiles as you seek the one who interests you the most. In the rare case of you both liking each other, the system will notify you of the development and lay the red carpet that you may proceed to your kinky fantasies with the one you want.

2. The text and voice message feature is yet another endearing feature. It is a feature that can change your experience with the FETL app. This feature allows for chat sessions and even voice exchanges with other users, giving you a better opportunity to gauge your partner’s stance and get to know them better.

Privacy & Security

The FETL security feature exhibits a regular password security feature which in my experience can be quite cumbersome seeing that we have to remember different passwords for different applications. As a result, it is not uncommon to see members leave their apps unlocked or forget the passwords they set after a while. To set up this feature, simply visit “settings”, click “security” and select the “set password” tab.

FAQs on FetL App:

1. What’s the membership of FETL App?

FETL App is completely free.

2. How to remove my profile?

To remove your profile, click on “Settings”, scroll to the end of the page, select “Feedback “ and send a request to remove.

3. How to contact Customer Support?

FETL does not provide 24/7 customer service, however, you can send a message with your e-mail and name and get a response within 24 hours. The e-mail address is support@fetlapp.com.

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